Timeworks Clocks

Timeworks Mantel Clocks are the leading makers of some of the most decorative mantel clocks. Each Timeworks mantel clock is individually made by hand. They use the finest components available - solid, hand-antiqued brass for cases and pendulums, die-cut steel hands with time-worn patinas, and more. Timeworks mantel clocks use the finest obtainable quartz movements to ensure reliable and trouble-free service. Inspire your imagination with creative looks for today's home decor with any of these mantel clocks from Timeworks.

One of our top selling Timeworks mantel clocks is the Pocket Watch Woodburn mantel clock. Every Timeworks mantle clock comes with free shipping and our 30-day money back guarantee. Welcome a Timeowrks mantel clock into your home or office and experience the Simply Mantel Clocks difference.
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