Chime Samples

Below you can listen to samples of our chimes. The actual chimes that come with a clock are listed on the clock's product page. These recordings are for reference purposes only. The chime patterns below are accurate, but the tone of your chimes may vary depending upon many factors, including, the size of the clock's case, floor covering in the room, wood type, mechanical vs. quartz chime, room size, etc. Please call us if you have any questions about chimes - (866) 225-4197

Remember, all of our chiming clocks include free shipping, a 30-day guarantee, and a manufacturer's warranty.

Click on the links to hear the chimes

Hourly    1/4 Hour     1/2 Hour    3/4 Hour

St. Michael's
Hourly   1/4 Hour     1/2 Hour    3/4 Hour

Hourly   1/4 Hour     1/2 Hour    3/4 Hour

Ave Maria

Ode to Joy

Bim Bam

- Triple Chime movements typically play: Westminster, St Michael's and Whittington chimes.

- Dual Chime movements typically play: Westminster chime and Shubert's "Ave Maria".

- Single Chime movements typically play: Westminster chime.

- Concerto movements typically play: Westminster chime, Shubert's "Ave Maria" and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".

Please refer to your clock's product page for specifics about your clock's chimes.

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